INNOPEARL MAKEs open innovation and venturing EASIER, QUICKER AND SMARTER

for corporations and startups to enable change and build sustainable future

Our story

When working on digital transformation for one of the leading manufacturers, our founder – Olga Guerous noticed how much the  inventiveness of startups could help in solving the challenges that the company was facing.

Her initial attempts to build partnerships with them failed. On the one side, internal stakeholders could not articulate which problems required partners’ solutions and commit to their execution. On the other side, startups found corporate processes, organisation, and decision-making frustrating, making them waste too much time and effort.

She eventually managed to change the internal processes and build a more attractive partnering environment for startups collaboration. 

The idea came to her to create a radically easier process and tools for more purpose-driven businesses to regenerate through open innovation and partnerships.


Innopearl is on a mission to enable corporate – startup partnerships drive a positive change for society, business and the planet. 

our team

Guillaume gaussens
Guillaume Gaussens
Jerome Michaud
Jerome Michaud
Francoise Poulat
Françoise Poulat
Paul Jeremaes
Paul Jeremaes
Florence Jeantet
Florence Jeantet
Sustainability, Foodtech
Serge Vigouroux
Serge Vigouroux
Benedicte Le Bris
Benedicte Le Bris
Healthcare & Cosmetics
Fanny Chavance
Data and Analytics