how can you become open innovation & venturing 2.0 ready and accelerate your growth?

Innopearl’s Partner+ empowers open innovation and venturing professionals to foster, nurture, and create value with top-tier startups

KEY benefits
bridge business & partnering goals
build & manage startup funnel
monitor & manage end-to-end process
Why DID WE CREATE THE Partner+ Platform?

Today, neither large companies nor startups have any more patience for slow, inefficient, and unpredictable collaboration processes and outcomes.

Just as LinkedIn disrupted professional networking, and Airbnb transformed the travel experience, Innopearl aims to revolutionise open innovation and venturing.

With the Innopearl platform’s systematic approach, users can create a startup pipeline, evaluate, and choose suitable partners, and manage their portfolio, all within a single « CRM » tool tailored to the company’s specific needs.

We are passionate to help entrepreneurial talent from large companies and startups deliver meaningful value through partnerships.  



Whether Experienced or New to Open Innovation & Venturing, contact us for a DEMO.