how can you become open innovation 2.0 ready and accelerate your growth?

Build your path to partner ecosystem with unique Innopearl Platform

KEY benefits
EASIER process
QUICKER execution
SMARTER benefits
Why DID WE CREATE THE Partner+ Platform?

Engaging in collaboration with innovative players has become crucial for companies pursuing sustainable Development and Growth. However, for many organizations, the cost of resources has often outweighed the business results achieved. Moreover, while executives are increasing recognising the need to build ecosystems to navigate or lead disruption, a staggering 60% lack the necessary capability, experience or technology. 

Partner+ is a digital end-to-end platform designed to address the fundamental barriers to building partner ecosystems and regenerating businesses. It offers a comprehensive solution that makes the process easier, quicker, and smarter. 

For companies new to Open Innovation, Partner+ provides the necessary tools and guidance to get started swiftly. By leveraging the platform’s resources, organizations can overcome initial challenges, foster flexibility, and build the capabilities required for successful collaboration and open innovation practices.

For companies experienced in Open Innovation, Partner+ serves as a catalyst to maximize efficiency, mitigate risks, and accelerate business results. The platform streamlines the entire process, providing a centralized hub where organizations can manage and optimize their existing partnerships, gain valuable insights, and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Partner+ is a unique and transformative solution designed specifically for organisations looking to embrace open innovation and prepare themselves for the future of business success through ecosystem models EASIER. QUICKER and SMARTER. 


Whether Experienced or New to Open Innovation, contact us for a DEMO.